John Harry Kartsonis

John Harry KartsonisJohn Harry Kartsonis, 82, of Kansas City, died Saturday April 19, 2014. John is survived by his wife, Sultana; two sons, Johnny and Christopher; two daughters, Cindy and Angela as well as one granddaughter, Stacia and great-granddaughter, Avalyn. John was a loving husband and father, a graduate of Kemper Military School & KU, avid fisherman, die-hard poker player, Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and a Civil Engineer for over 45 years.

John was a long time board member of the Kemper Military School and Alumni Association.

“Around noon today I got the news that my dear friend John H. Kartsonis, HS ’50 passed away last night. The thought that John is no longer with us literally makes my heart hurt. I met John in 2001 during the major fund raiser to attempt to keep the school open. I was asked to join the KMSAA alumni board after the fundraising succeeded to keep the doors open (unknown to us, it would only be for a year). I was the first female to be voted onto the Board and it was not an easy …thing to be. I’ve never been one for politics, and I can’t stand male chauvinists and the Alumni Board, the Schools Board of Directors, and the school administration was full of both. John Kartsonis was a ray of sunshine amid the dark pit that I found myself swimming in. He had a love for the school that was matched by none. As the years went by, the school closed, we lost the politicians and chauvinists (thank God) and I found myself voted in as President. John continued to be my ray of light. He was always there for me, giving advice and encouragement. When I stepped down, he understood and continued to support my decision to cut back on my duties. Kemper has lost a loyal son. He’s in a better place now but I am going to miss my ray of light greatly. John is survived by his wife Sultana and his children Johnny JC ’90, Christopher, Angela, and Cindy. My heart goes out to his wife and family.”

~ Signed: Laura Spice Williams

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