Mission: To preserve and repurpose the Kemper Military School campus and buildings for development of a self sustaining group of businesses and educational space to ensure the legacy of Kemper remains a vital part of educational resources.

Vision: With enough financial support, a foundation will be tasked to look at ways to purchase a building or building on the Kemper campus or to partner with existing entities on campus to promote educational and entrepreneurs purposes to keep the campus a useable space. The Kemper Military School building(s) will need to be maintained and renovated to meet technology standards for the purpose of housing modern office, classroom, museum and alumni space while maintaining it historical character and feel. Development will focus on venues that will attract entrepreneurs, alumni partners, investors and business to the Kemper Campus. We will use the existing resources provided by the City of Boonville’s Economic Developer, Dr. Marsha Drennon and State Fair Community College.

Goal: Through the Kemper Military School’s Alumni Association Endowment trust fund, monies will be raised to stabilize the foundation, load bearing walls, windows, roofs heating and air conditioning, rewire and fix other cosmetic issues with a building by building plan. The first building we will raise money for is the Administration Building. It has been deemed structurally unsafe. We feel with the right historic partnerships and help from the Alumni Associations membership and private investors this structure will be wonderful space and become the crowning jewel of educational development on the Kemper Campus.

Fundraising: A subcommittee will take ideas, to raise funds to purchase, renovate and maintain buildings and property of the campus as deemed appropriate to enhance the Kemper Building Development Plan, and formulate action steps to achieve the vision set forth in this document. Possible avenues to explore include letter writing campaigns, National news media attention to fund our cause, applying for grants and endowments, finding developers who can use historic tax credits and historic preservation models to lower and capitalize on funding for these projects.

Strategy: Dr. Marsha Drennon drafted a document on February 3, 2014 titled “A Redevelopment Plan for the Kemper Campus 2014-2019”. It is a detailed plan for the Kemper Campus that specifically lists their Mission, Vision, Goals and Strategy. It is the intention of the Alumni Association to partner with this plan and the City of Boonville’s Economic Developer, Dr. Jim Gann, to use this document and their assistance to move Kemper into an educational, cultural and business center