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Our Mission Statement: To preserve the proud traditions of the school as embodied by the principles of Professor F. T. Kemper, its founder. To engage the alumni in developing opportunities that will insure that the heritage, traditions and principles of Kemper Military School carry forward to future generations.


Greetings to my fellow Alumni!

Many of you probably have wondered why I haven’t had much to say about the demolition of the administration building or maybe not. My silence has come from a place of hurt and pain, a place of unbelief, a place of sorrow. I can only describe it similar to the feeling I had over a year ago when I received a call notifying me that I had lost my Dad. For me, the time I spent in the Kemper administration building was a place where I could find peace and reflect while looking at all the pictures of the classes before me and to know that I stood in a place of greatness. A place where not everyone had the privilege to stand. A place where I one day wanted my child to stand. My brothers and sisters – not everyone was as privileged as we have been to have had the opportunity to walk the halls of such a great institution as Kemper Military School and College. Sometimes “goodbye” really means “see you later”. But in this situation, our beloved administration building, “goodbye” means “gone forever”. We will always remember it in our hearts and minds. Please join the Alumni Association board in our efforts to fight and preserve her memory for many years to come!

I remain Kemper Proud!

Your friend and brother!

President KMS&C Alumni Association
Douglas E. Humpherey

P.S I’ll see you guys and gals October 7th for our annual reunion!

Kemper Administration Building



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