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Our Mission Statement: To preserve the proud traditions of the school as embodied by the principles of Professor F. T. Kemper, its founder. To engage the alumni in developing opportunities that will insure that the heritage, traditions and principles of Kemper Military School carry forward to future generations.

Save the Date 2016

Your former classmates are looking forward to seeing you this year! So, schedule off from work now! Book your flight now! Plan a road trip with former classmates now! We don’t care how you get there, we just want you to get there!

Date: Friday, October 7 – Sunday, October 9, 2016

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Dear fellow Alumni!

I hope that this letter finds each and every one of you well and in good health and in perfect peace with your family and friends!

In recent weeks the city of Boonville has informed the alumni association, as well as the residents of Boonville that our beloved Administration building is in bad shape.  Something that all of us that have returned to campus have witnessed with our own eyes. The subjects has come up – what to do with the building tear it down or tear part of it down! The city doesn’t have the money to rehab the structure, and they really don’t want to tear it down, so this is where we as the alumni association can come in to pull together hand and hand shoulder to shoulder, full time cadet and day students both male and female alike and work together to save our legacy.

Over the years Kemper poured out of herself to give something to all of us.  Starting with our founder Frederick T. Kemper who gave of himself unselfishly with the first 5 students and he continued to push through his dream and by the fall of 1844 he had 50 students in the first year.  Mr. Kemper did this by himself.

Then we had Col. T.A. Johnston who guided Kemper through its largest growth and transition. The school grew by leaps and bounds under Col. Johnston leadership.

Then we had Col. A.M. Hitch. Under Col. Hitch the academic hall was added as well as science hall.

I said all of that to say – this family we come from is a good pedigree of leadership and it’s time for us to step up and save a place that saved so many of us. A lot of people didn’t like being at Kemper when they were there but more of us than not appreciate what we took away from the experience.  Lifelong friends,  a brotherhood, a way of life memories.  Some of us met our wives at Kemper.  Kemper is too important for us not to try and save. We need your financial support the Alumni Association is taking steps to establish a trust fund for that specific cause, as we move forward more details will become available.

Our Vice President will be addressing the Boonville City Council on Monday to ask them to give us a chance to address our alumni and different organizations to help us in this great endeavor. She’s calling on us, when your parents called on her she answered the call. Will YOU answer her call now?

More information will be available in the coming days and weeks.

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

Remember our motto: NUNQUAM NON PARATUS

~ Douglas Humpherey KMS ’92


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